. . . who are currently on a boat.

So for everyone who isn’t part of the family, or the Newman Clan, my blog title refers to my novel. (Thank You Jer for your witticisms)  Yep, I finally finished it.  Some of you know about it, and those that do are to hush on the length of time it took me to actually finish the darn thing. 🙂  It is a fantasy story, titled Destiny Seekers – Book 1 of the Eri-Dain Chronicles.  (Ooh, a series!)   Currently, my two heroines are hanging out in editing limbo, with many thanks to my good friend Sherri for selflessly spending hours and hours reading and making notes.  While I edit, work on Book 2, and feed my other vices, the agent search will begin.  So here is hoping one day everyone I know can walk into a bookstore and buy, or download a copy of my book and spend many enjoyable moments of reading!

Thanks for stopping by.


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