Pretzel Night

So I highly recommend the Aunt Annie’s make-your-own pretzel kit. We found it at Kroger and got around to making them last night. They were super easy to make and super delicious! That juice box was the first thing I saw when I opened the refrigerator at work this morning. (I’m a sucker for puns) 🙂


5 responses to “Pretzel Night

  • Marian Allen

    OM nom nom nom!

    Congratulations (if that’s the word I want) for being sucked into the bottomless vortex of the blogosphere!

    And definite congratulations on finishing the novel! And here’s another sentence ending with an exclamation point!

    Seriously, girl, finishing a novel is huge. Big hugs to you and to your mom; I know she’s your biggest fan. 🙂


  • Mom

    Hey, I recognize that kitchen. Are we making some of those pretzels this weekend? Yummy

  • kellelynn

    Did you find it in the freezer section? Would it be a fun project with kiddos?

    • Jessica Paul

      We actually found it in the baking aisle, around the muffin/cake mixes etc. I think it would be a great project with the kids. They have other recipe suggestions too on the box. Tim made the pretzel wrapped hot dog and really liked it.

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