Edits and Beer

Second go around on editing Chapters 5 & 6 this week. Mom is up for the weekend, which is always fun, and today we actually sat down and got some writing done. Avoiding further editing and the place I am stuck at in Book 2, I worked on a little section that is TBD as far as placement. 🙂 Writing is writing, I guess, and at least it still relates to one of my main characters. Yesterday we hosted good friends, lots of food and games, and everyone had a great time. Today was bottling day for the batch of beer my husband and one of our friends cooked up three weeks ago. I got to cap 45 bottles, which was fun, if only because the capper looks like a cross between and crab and a transformer. I’m thinking at some point, I will have to venture into including the brewing business in my series. Pretty sure fantasy stories and alcohol go well together. Or maybe that’s writing and alcohol.


One response to “Edits and Beer

  • Mom

    LOL…..yes, it was a great weekend. As always, I love being included in the good company, food and fun. Glad we got to do some writing, kick around a few ideas and accomplish a little editing. Hey, I got to box the bottles of beer. LOL You’ll have to save one for me to taste next time I’m down, or over. Love y’all, Mom

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