Slacking . . . and not.

My writer side did a whole lot of nuthin’ the past two weeks. I finally sat down this afternoon and opened the edited Chapters 8-12 from Sherri and I did work on 8-11. Those four chapters weren’t so bad, as far as a second go-around on editing went. Chapter 12 is cringe worthy and I’m putting it off until tomorrow. I’ve also been doing a search for some of my more common grammatical annoyances and restructuring. On the other hand, my gamer side made some great strides last week.  For those of you who speak nerd, I maxed out my professions on my main character, though that was depressing as I spent nearly all my video game money to do so.  I did level my new little blood elf pally to 20. She’s cute and so far I’m getting the hang of playing a character where I can’t just stand way far away and shoot spells. While I prefer doling out the pain from a distance, at least I’m not dying. 🙂

Where book 2 is concerned, our two heroines, Dawn and Lorien, have pretty much been doing what I’ve been doing – not a whole heck of alot.  Dawn has been sent away to hide from her enemies, while Lorien, stuck on an island, is being forced to cool her heels.  At least they have an excuse.  I’m cycling out of my lethargic phase so pretty soon all three of us will get back to work.


2 responses to “Slacking . . . and not.

  • Mom

    Good grief, daughter! Not really. I’ve falled into that ‘slacker’ mode, too. Well, perhaps not me, but Deirdre certainly understands the plot dilemma that we are going through the past couple of weeks. Dia Twylight is stuck between heart pitter-patters, and I’ve left Dani and Claire dangling in another century altogether. Here’s to both of us and our other heroines climbing outta Slackerville. Cheers!

  • kellelynn

    You two amaze me. 🙂
    I am in awe of you writing books.

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