“I’ve tried flaying, it tickles.”

Somewhere between working my actual paying job, editing, writing, netflix (Desperate Housewives Marathons!) and playing WoW, I managed to read an entire book!  I finished reading ‘The Blade Itself’ by Joe Abercrombie (book 1 of a trilogy) and I highly recommend it.  The flaying quote, which occurred very early in the book, stuck in my warped mind through 500+ pages and a couple months of reading this novel.  It was not the first line that made me laugh out loud, nor the last.  I’m pretty sure some of my co-workers think I may be a little nuts for all the times I was reading in the breakroom on lunch and merrily chuckling aloud.

Small note of interest in this novel – the F-bomb is dropped.  A lot.  A whole f-ing ton.  Since I have the mouth of a sailor it never once bothered me, but some of you may not be as enthusiastic in your cussing.  Out loud or in print.  

For me, it’s back to finishing up Chapter 9 in my own book 2 and editing Chapter 14 on book 1. (Shout out to Sherri this week as always for her excellent editing skills)  And, oh yeah, getting the next book in Joe Abercrombie’s trilogy.


One response to ““I’ve tried flaying, it tickles.”

  • Mom

    LOL……Now I know why you like that book. I thought it was Dawn
    who spouts like a sailor. Ahem! So bring it with you when you
    come home next time, unless I go buy it first. Happy that you are productively writing/editing. I need to borrow Sherri!!! If your co-workers didn’t think you strange at break, well, even I’d wonder.
    Luv ya, Mum

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