My brain hurts.

Sherri (friend extraordinaire!) edited and emailed nine chapters to me over the last week. I’m grateful to her, as always. I sat down, having had avoided editing Chapter 14, for the sheer, embarrassing volume of mistakes, and realized that I had ‘misplaced’ my version where I already edited Chapter 13.  So I did that, again, started on 14, and then skipped forward to Chapter 22. I’ve decided to work my way back, as the latter chapters she sent me need less work.  Not only do my eyes and brain hurt, I even dreamed in editing last night. Super Annoying.  I’m a person who often gets stuck doing the same thing over and over when I dream, so last night I kept dreaming something,  deleting the words of what I was dreaming, and re-writing it.  Ugh.  Thank goodness my brain imagines one of my main male characters as super good-looking, so it wasn’t a complete fail.





2 responses to “My brain hurts.

  • transy2000

    Well I figure if I’m still your friend (extraordinaire or otherwise) by the time this is finished, then we’re golden! I’m having so much fun with this – I just wish I could do this full time. I do believe I’ve missed my calling!

  • Sherri Newman

    And sorry for the strange user name – I put in the wrong one. Some editor. 🙂

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