Sailing toward the horizon

My plans for editing and writing on vacation last week went exactly opposite as planned.  But, I suppose dealing with an out-of-state move would throw a kink into anyone’s plans.  It is amazing all the things you have to change, that you don’t really need to do in a normal move.  I say normal, because I’ve never moved to a different state. 

My replacement at work arrived yesterday, which is kinda strange.  There is only one of my position in the store, so to have another person who can do my job is both nice and toe-stepping.  When you get used to moving from one task to another, without needing to inform anyone, it was weird that both of us were trying to do some of the same things today.  I still feel pride in doing my job well, and most everyone is still coming to me with problems, but I’m trying to transition them to the new guy.  Thankfully, he has been in this position at another store, albeit for much less time, with much less training, and a store that does about half the business mine does.  I’m hopeful he’ll be able to handle my store, but who knows.  I guess it won’t matter much after Friday, since it is my last day.  The store I’m transferring to in West Virginia already has an STL, so I won’t be doing my job at all.  That will take some getting used to, since I haven’t needed much in the way of supervision, instruction, or an external source of tasking for 4 1/2 years.

We aren’t making the final move until the end of next week.  I know Tim will be thrilled, since he’s been living in a hotel for nearly a week now, and still has another week to go.  I’m planning on getting the kitchen primered, taking another carload of stuff to the new apartment this weekend, and finishing up what little there is to pack.  Next Monday & Tuesday I should be able to kick back in my nearly bare apartment, and concentrate on the novels.  I’m just super excited to get back to Book 2; the end of part 1 is in sight, and part 2 is glimmering on the horizon.  Dawn can finally get to relax, and poor Lorien can begin her several fictional months of misery.  Maybe I can work through my own stress and misery of late, and emerge on the bright side of moving. :)-




2 responses to “Sailing toward the horizon

  • Mom

    Ahhhh, it all makes me feel a bit sad. You will bounce
    back good as new. You will discover your new niche at work. You and Tim will settle into your new place to live. Then you will once again take the reins and enable Dawn and Lorien to blossom into new and often dangerous adventures.
    Love Ya, Mum

  • Timothy

    Wow that’s cool

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