Too many or not enough

 I took this photo just before all my books went into boxes for the impending move.  The top shelf is my Terry Pratchett collection.  Believe it or not, there is one or two missing.  Looking at my bookcase, I remember thinking years ago how I did not have enough of his books to even fill a shelf.  And now I can’t wait to get moved, so I can start to unpack not just my Pratchett collection, but my three bookcases worth of books.  In my near empty apartment, I have nothing but old papers used for packing to read.  /Sigh.





3 responses to “Too many or not enough

  • denise

    I feel your pain–every time I’ve moved, I’ve considered downsizing my book collection. . .instead, it grows and grows.

  • Mom

    Sounds like our house….many things will go by the wayside whenever we move again, but we’re hard-pressed to discard books, even to a good home. lol

  • Shannon

    If you are missing a soft cover Terry Prachett it may be my fault. I remember borrowing one many years ago. I can’t remember if I ever returned it or not.

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