We dislike your enthusiam

Last week, my replacement at work started.  The store I work in is super busy, and my replacement is not quite used to the craziness, or the fact that his ‘ocd’ (his self-diagnosis, not mine) has no place.  Last week we also experienced several bad thunderstorms and a blackout lasting about ten hours.  The day after, my replacement spent the better part of an afternoon throwing out all our refrigerated food, and then organizing the cooler.  Maybe I’m disillusioned. Or maybe I’ve seen it all before.  Organizing anything in that store is short-lived and not worth the effort.  I actually said the words “Many before you have tried.  All have failed.”  and  “People have done this before, no one has ever done it twice.”  I’m not sure if discouraging someone from trying to help is a good thing, but after knowing what works and what doesn’t, especially in a store where you don’t even get an uninterrupted break, it seems the kind thing to do.  I’d rather someone tell me what I’m about to spend three-four hours on is a huge waste of time.  I guess I should have just let it go, seeing as how it was my last day and all, but I couldn’t help it.  That poor kid is going to need lots of help.


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