Since the great power outage of  ’11’  at work, and the discovery that our emergency spotlights only last about two hours, I’ve been tinkering with the idea of writing a zombie short-story.  It’s reinforced by a conversation Steven and I once had about what we would do in the event of either 1) a crazed gunman or 2) zombies.  We felt action plans for both were worth discussing.  And, since we work in a drugstore, figured there were much worse places to be stuck in the event of undead attacking.  Drugs, bandages, and canned food abounds.  My writers digest email the other day featured a short-story competition, so who knows.  I’ll play around and hopefully can make it work.  (I figure zombies are better than crazy,  pissed-off people with guns.  That’s just tragic.)  At least it is a nice distraction while I’m holed up at the fabulous Holiday Inn Express in West-by-god-Virginia.


One response to “Braaaaaaains…

  • Mom

    We’re all (Your Dad, me, Cindy) getting a kick out of your last sentence. You might now live in West-by-god-Virgnia, but you are still a Kentucky-bred-n-born gal!

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