Let’s work it out

I’ll admit it.  I talk out loud… or maybe mumble from time to time.  I don’t really know anyone: friend, family, co-worker, that doesn’t, or hasn’t talked out loud to him/herself.  Usually this happens when some bit of frustrating work is being done.  So that’s my first point.  My second is dialogue.  I love dialogue.  Yes, we all know it’s vital to a story, but some stories are 75% narrative and 25% conversation.  But I *love* it.  It might be my favorite thing to write, and work out loud with.  If I can’t make a line work in my head, or I think it sounds stupid, I say it.  If I can make a line (or lines) work by talking it out, then I can make it work when I write it down.  So, you might ask, does this mean you carry on entire conversations with yourself??? Possibly.  Some people choose to sing in the shower and some don’t is all I’m saying.  😀  I only really do it if I’m having trouble with a scene, or a character.  At times, and I’m sure most fiction writers feel this way, it’s best to just get out-of-the-way and let your characters do the driving.  Other times, when those little imaginary people aren’t behaving, it’s fun to block their path.  I think dialogue is a great tool to do just that.  With it you can discover something your character has been hiding, make them cry, laugh, or back them into a corner to see whether they fight or flee.  You never know, there might be an even better gem in their internal dialogue.  For now I am going to stick with my crazy formula.  Sherri once put in her editing notes that she rarely has to do anything with the dialogue in my novel, so maybe it isn’t so nuts after all.


One response to “Let’s work it out

  • Mom

    Ahhhh, another Mom-trait you’ve inhertited. We really have more similar writing habits than you think. Of course, if there are expletives involved, ummm, that’s a Dad-trait.

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