I finished (finally!!!!) Chapter 11 of Book 2.  Sherri has started up her editing again with Chapter 25 of Book 1, so I definitely have to get moving again.  🙂 Thanks to HP no longer making their OS products anymore, Tim snagged a tablet last week, which I have been taking to work with me so I can write Chapter 12 on my break/lunch. It’s pretty handy, and I’m getting used to the touch-screen keyboard. Thankfully, the memo program on it auto-corrects spelling. (It’s not a very big keyboard) After I’m done writing something, I can just email it myself, copy/paste and Voila – many, many words in my Microsoft Word.  The one minor pain of it all is that the two programs use the same font, except for the  ” symbol, so I have to redo every one of those.  All-in-all, our HP Tablet is making my writing life easier.  At least this way I don’t have to interpret my own chicken scratch.




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