Nerd Alert

Yes, I play an online video game. Yes about 20 million other people in the world play. No, I still work 40 hours a week, and have a slight social life. At least I did when we lived near our friends. Normally, I’d never care to blog about it, but I did something in-game that I’m super proud of. In the wide-wide-world of warcraft, there is something for everyone. For me it is collecting mounts. And as of yesterday morning, I got the Mountain o’ Mounts achievement. What in the name of all things nerdy is that? Simply put, I now have 100 creatures on which to ride/swim/fly on with my character. Well, actually I have 101, since you get a flying mount as a reward for the achievement. I have to say, if you ever find yourself playing WoW, and stop to admire that pretty cat, or ram, or albino dragon someone is riding, just remember, you too could be the proud owner of that animal. But, honestly, I don’t recommend it unless you are willing to spend a long, long, loooooong time getting those sweet rides.

The appeal for me came not long after I started playing, and I mentioned to a friend my admiration of the ram mounts that another race used. He replied, “You can get one.” From that moment, I was hooked. When WoW achievement system went into place, that only fueled my burning desire to get as many as possible.

Getting to that 100 mark took me longer than I ever imagined or meant, but for me, absolutely worth it. I am not the best at my characters race/class, I don’t have the very best gear, and I never will. But I can show up in style. 101 styles.

Now that is out-of-the-way, back to the first draft of Book 2, part 2. Too bad my heroine Lorien doesn’t have a dragon. She could use it to get un-stranded. Part 2= lots of Lorien and Jenner, and lots of hardships to overcome. I think I’m taking the ‘break them down to build them up’ approach.



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