You’re a beautiful creature. Please keep on the grass.

The other week I was returning home and as I crested the top of the hill, I reached the stop sign. About a half of a second after I started moving again, a deer meanders across the road right behind the car.

A couple of days ago, on my way to work, heading down the hill/driveway (I don’t think WV has any flat land), two deer were grazing a few feet away.  One smartly moved forward into the brush, while the other got that panicked look and did a gazelle-like leap. My first thought was “Please don’t jump in front of my car.” It didn’t, but ended up running alongside me for a couple of seconds before darting uphill.  This morning they were back, on two separate hills, and one ran across the driveway to meet the other.  I am convinced it is the same pair, and I am convinced they have it out for me.

I slow down for squirrels and birds. I hope I’ll never have to run into a hill because of these tricky deer.




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