Nothing beats a little face time.

I dug out a bit of birthday money and we went to Cracker Barrel last night.  Now, I lurve my laptop and my phone, and all the nifty things I can do on it. But, I loooooove grabbing a bite out to eat at a decently nice restaurant because we put away the phones and usually give the other person crap if the phones come out.  Of course, he gets the occasional phone call from his work, but it was 8pm when we went to dinner, so all was quiet on that front.  We realized that our relationship has taken an interesting turn since we’ve moved. All of our family and friends are hours away, and while we have some good co-workers, we haven’t socialized much, apart from with each other. So now it feels like when we first moved in together, all those years ago, and we didn’t have any friends in the city we lived in, and spent our free time together.  We have much less free time together now, so hanging out with each other has gotten to be quite a treat.  We’ve gone from being a couple who had set work schedules, with the same two days off every week, to not having those.  While most days I’d still rather walk out of my old porch door, trek across the parking lot and go hang out on the Newman’s couch, I’m starting to adjust to life in WV.

On a side note, digital games are fantastic, but honestly, does anything beat the golf peg in the triangle game???? I think not. My second try awarded me the massive achievement of leaving one peg.  My third try – an epic seven pegs.

My second try.


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