This is not a bank

Random girl walks into the store where I work a few days ago. I was relieving the front cashier for his lunch. She comes up to the register, asks if she can get cash using her debit card and is about to swipe her card in the reader, when I said, “Yes…when you buy something.”

Seriously?!!! Who goes up to a register and wants to use it like an ATM? She looked around the front for a minute, asked if I had to ring an item up before she swiped her card, or after.

Me:  Before.

Girl: Oh, ok. Nevermind, I’ll just go to the ATM.

She leaves, comes back in a few minutes later, explaining that she thought the ATM was outside, and then buys one item to get $20.00 back.  I, of course, after having said she could use the ATM, do not point out that it is inside the store, right on the other side of where I was standing.


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