I Heart Delete

This time last year, I was a month away from finishing my first novel.  I have been making decent progress on the second, especially on part 2 of book 2, but I realized I needed to buckle down and get back to editing Number 1.  I’m sure most authors, after having to read, re-read, and re-read their own works, approach some sections with the feeling of  ‘if I have to read, re-work that section one more time…’ At least, I have those moments for some parts of my first book, and as a result, drag my feet.  Here is where the famed, and awful Chapter 14 comes in.  I’ve written about it before, mostly in reference to my complete lack of willingness to edit it. (and Chapter 15) Last weekend, I took a different attitude toward(s) it. (Sorry Sherri)  I realized the problem was that I’ve never been happy with the chapter, and most of it was written long, long ago, in a galaxy far away.  Better known as my twenties.  So I started re-writing the two chapters.  Not entirely, but much of them.  Now, as a result of this, I am genuinely excited.  I can see what parts are unnecessary, what portions I can take out and insert into chapters better suited for them, and on the whole, do a much-needed cleaning. 

Before we all think I just up and stopped editing altogether when I hit Chapter 14, I didn’t.  I skipped it in favor of chapters not so riddled with errors.  It feels mighty good though, to settle in the computer chair, and get to work on something I know I can make better.

Plus, October 20 is National Day on Writing, brought to us by the National Council of Teachers of English – the NCTE – so I was giving myself an extra guilt-trip about writing today.  Whatever works, right?


3 responses to “I Heart Delete

  • Mom

    I applaude your honest criticism. Believe me, I know how procrastinating on those trouble spots can drag into what feels like a decade or three. lol Now, that you’ve reminded me of National Writing Day, I’ve an hour and 24 minutes to get some writing done before I have tohang my
    head in shame of not writing today. Thanks for a needed
    nudge. 🙂

  • Shannon

    Will I ever get to read this book thing you have been working on for eons? : )

  • Jessica Paul

    I don’t know about eons – maybe just an eon. 🙂

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