How much???

Here’s what I have learned about West Virginia.  It’s expensive.  EXPENSIVE.  Gasoline is consistently 20, or more, cents per gallon than in Kentucky, with me paying nearly $0.51 in taxes.  (The 7-11 has a nifty little sticker on the pump adding up all the taxes I’m paying)  And, the thing that bugs me, there’s the food tax.  Food.  Tax.  Not sales, which occurs on stuff like candy bars, nope.  WV charges a separate tax on food.  So where in the past, I paid sticker price for things like milk and eggs, I now pay more.  It was explained to me that it used to be more, but I think it’s 3-4% now.  Alcohol tax is even more.  We bought a 2-liter of Sprite and a bottle of Svedka, and after we paid, thought we had paid some crazy amount for our Sprite.  Nope.

I am also beginning to think all the mountains make the power unreliable, as it frequently blips off and on.  A co-worker told me she looses power in the winter, but she lives out in the boonies.  There’s a lot of boonies here.

On a cheaper note, when I registered my car, and got a new license, it was cheap.  $7.00 for a license!  Not a bank-breaking amount for registration either.


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