The Fighting Times!

My re-write of Chapter 14 is complete.  I realized while finishing it up this morning, it is a pivotal chapter in which I introduce the conflict of two main characters. Hindsight is amazing.  I always knew the conflict was there, but since I have not worked on that particular time in those characters lives in a while, it was interesting to return to the tension and distrust between them.  It was also a good opportunity to strengthen that conflict.  Since one is a man of authority who hates to be undermined, and the other a spoiled, over-indulged, young woman who hates to be told what to do, it’s good times, good times.  Not for them, but characters can’t have all the fun.

I also upped the conversation my two heroines have concerning romance.  It’s an uncomfortable (capital U, capital N, capital C, etc., etc.,) subject for one of them, and a side she prefers never to show, not even to her closest and oldest friend.  Don’t get her started on it though, because if you actually manage her to expression an opinion on love, she may never stop.  Sheesh.  She ran off on a tangent I didn’t know she had.

So back I go to book 1, for more editing and maybe a re-write here or there.  The motivation to cleanup the book has been wonderful, and I’m going to ride it as long as it lasts, and then, push through the pain. 🙂


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