Can’t stop grinning.

So, in case you are in the market for a new car, I recommend the 2012 Dodge Avenger.  (Avenger is such a fantastic word.) Last weekend, I got rear-ended, so I’m now in a rental car.  The first car I picked up was the economy, and boy was it ever.  While I love the Chevy Equinox, I cannot (Cannot!!) say the same for the Chevy Aveo.  Honestly, it handled like a go-cart.  And it purred – like an angry kitten.  So after a couple of days in it, I called up Enterprise, and said, yeah, I’d like to get a different car, maybe a standard sized vehicle.   It took a lot to get this thing uphill, which is everywhere here.  Apparently insurance rental rates are cheaper than regular rental rates, so I had room to upgrade.  So on Thursday afternoon I returned to the car rental, and he said, what about the Dodge Avenger?  Sounds greats.  Whatever.

I get into the freshly washed machine, make one stop at a store nearby and while I’m trying to figure out the side view mirrors, I get out the book.  2012 is on the cover and it’s all still wrapped in plastic.  First round of ‘Holy Crap’.  Noticing the odometer of 7446 miles, another round of ‘Holy Crap!’  Obviously I’ve never driven a brand new car before. 🙂  I have to say, it’s a super-duper substitute for my beloved vehicle.  It glides.  Seriously.  Glides.  It also accelerates like crazy, but have no fear, I’m not going too wild in the thing.

The first day I had it, I really couldn’t stop grinning while I was driving.  I’ll admit I am not the biggest car enthusiast, but this car is fun to drive. I could (almost) imagine going back to a car if I had this.  There is still an estimated 5 days until I get my SUV back, so until then, I’ll have fun rolling around town.


First: hitting publish is always a good idea. No wonder this never showed up. 🙂

Second: Sitting behind a pickup truck with the uber-bright lights hitting the metal bumper reminded me of how much that sucks.


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