Steal a Chore Boy like everybody else.

This Friday past, I was at work and approached by a young man, limping on a crutch.  He asked me if we had a particular item, and from the way he formed his words, I wasn’t sure if he was mentally disabled, high, or drunk.  So he had to ask me three times, because I couldn’t understand him.  Another employee passed by, and I did what many retail workers do, which was the lead-in “Do you know if we sell…” and let the customer ask the rest.  The guy was looking for copper strainers for a faucet.  When I understood that, I immediately said no, and thought, find a hardware store.  My co-worker walked us to the tiny hardware section, and looked over the products, but I knew what he wanted, and I don’t think she did.  A bit later, I saw the guy with a girl, who had been wandering around the store too, and they left together.

Saturday rolls around.  Sunday comes, and it takes me two days to realize what’s happened in the women’s room.  When you turn on the water at the sink, you press down and H2O comes out for a few seconds at a (normally) nice, controlled flow.  For two days it has been flying out of the faucet.  The guy’s girlfriend stole the copper strainers from our bathroom faucets.  My reaction now: Freakin’ Crack Heads, why couldn’t they just steal a chore boy copper pot scrubber like all the other crack heads???? At least we’d get some credit back on an empty package claim.


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