‘… if not her attempts to kill me.’

So the whole line is: I miss Shickel’s cooking, if not her attempts to kill me.  Oh that I could take credit for that one, but, sadly, I cannot.  I finished Before They Are Hanged, the second in the First Law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie.  And, like my review of the first book, that line comes from the character Glotka.  This book picks up just where the first leaves off, without any back story, re-introductions, or summaries of what went on in the first, something I personally love when reading any series.  It’s like watching a series on TV every week and sitting through the first three minutes that are all ‘Previously on…’. Ugh.  So for those of you who haven’t/aren’t rushing out to buy this book series, Before They Are Hanged offers up just as much cursing, scheming, humor and blood-covered fights as the first, with the teensiest bit of sex thrown in for fantastic character measure.

I started on the third book this past week, but haven’t gotten too far, what with the holiday and work.  That and I always have two-three books I’m reading at the same time, my literary time, not spent at my own work, is kinda a merry-go-round.

There wasn’t one single line, unlike the ‘I’ve tried flaying, it tickles’ line from the first novel, that stayed with me throughout the entire novel, but this one came to mind.  It happens late in the book, but a good line is a good line, I figure.  As far as the character thinking it goes, this man is a conundrum.  A perfect villain, in the way that his circumstance of life has made him just that, and despite being horrified at all the things he does, one can’t help but feel super bad for him.  The only other thing I keep thinking is (the character lost many of his teeth from being tortured and can’t really chew anything solid) can’t we get this guy some mashed potatoes???


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