I’ve Got Time

For most people, juggling work, home life, chores, and a social life is more than a full-time job. For someone like me adding writing and gaming into the mix, that takes up more of my time and takes away from something else … at least it did. About two months after we moved, the hubby and I talked it over, and figured out that I could actually afford to work slightly less at my paying job, and concentrate more on my novel. So that is what I did. I am grateful, two months past that discussion, that I’ve had not one, but two separate store managers at work who support that decision. We went through a regime change right before Thanksgiving, and our new manager left my schedule alone.

I have to say, having three days off a week is fan-freakin-tastic. The first week my new schedule went into effect, I spent the first day at our dining room table, in front of the laptop, writing. I got up for lunch and a shower mid-day, and then went back to work. The work I like doing. 🙂

Admittedly, I do not spent all three days writing, and usually one of those days I spent catching up on some TV or playing video games, but I have to say, having the time to write, and do chores, and allow myself one day a week to goof-off, makes a huge difference. Sure, I don’t really care for living in West Virginia, and sometimes still wish we’d never moved, yet, in more than a few ways, it’s turned out to have some positives. And that just puts the annoying cherry on top of the whole situation.


One response to “I’ve Got Time

  • Mom

    That brings you to a positive end to 2011. Happy New Year,
    continue to enjoy your days off, and Happy writing. And my New Year’s wish for you is to find an agent and an editor
    and to get book one published.

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