Lifting The Spirits

So, the husband and I both worked first shift today, and we both have tomorrow off. A rare occurrence nowadays. We decided to make a trip to the great state of Kentucky, to visit friends on our day off. I had the brilliant idea of heading out after work, and spend the night in Lexington to have extra time. Fan-freakin-tastic!

While we did not go ‘home-home’ for Christmas, we did come to Lexington, and spent the day with the kind of friends that are basically family. And I must say that one day trip, and this one, has done wonders for my spirits.

I think the roughest part of being in WV is not being with our friends. Sure, we’ve gotten to know some co-workers, and have ventured out a few places, but there is nothing like hanging out with the people closest to you. Right now I am settled on our friend’s couch, watching Palladia, laughing, having a drink or two, and all of us are relaxed and cheery.

Seeing people we know and love is a boost to the soul, and even though our nearest friends are 2.5 hours away, and our family is 4, the drive is always worth it.

Tomorrow I plan on stopping by my old work location, which will result in another insane boost to my mood. I do miss my old store, and my co-workers there. I worked in the same store for 7 years. You should see me trying to open my locker at the store in WV. The reflex of having the same locker combination for years has not worn off. I now stand and curse at my locker.


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