A Perfect Morning

It is just after noon and I have been sitting on my couch since 6:30am, alternating between editing, writing new material and playing WoW. But the nicest part of my day has been outside.
It snowed very early this morning and while we have less than an inch, it is beautiful. All morning I’ve had the tv on the Soundscapes Channel, listening to quiet music. In the trees just beyond our porch, birds have been chirping and calling all morning. We have the most adorable little birds that love to scale up the wall at the end of the porch-brown birds with a deep yellow belly. They have been intriguing one of our cats all morning. There are also cardinals, which provide a striking contrast to the leafless trees and grey skies.
Snow will be swirling down on and off through the day, giving me something else to gaze at in my peaceful day. Now all I need is birdseed. Our empty bird feeder is not making my chirping friends happy.


2 responses to “A Perfect Morning

  • Nancy Grigsby

    Sounds heavenly. What a lovely way to spend a day.
    Now feed those poor little birds who are doing their best to seduce you (if not the cats).
    BTW: I like my green and white quilt square. I’ve been thinking of putting one on our red barn. Maybe that’s IT.

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