Branching Out

For those of you who know me well, you know I am a picky eater. There are foods I do not like, foods I’ve never liked, certain foods I am unwilling to try, and the list of foods I used to eat but no longer.
Gravy has long been on the list of foods I hate. It’s infectious, spreading all over the plate. And, it’s peppery. I could live my life without pepper. But a curious thing happened on our last trip to Lexington.
We had a turkey dinner while staying with our friends. It was like a toned-down Thanksgiving in January and it was great. Turkey, mashed potatoes, a loaf of French bread and, of course, gravy. It was being passed around and my friend Sherri mentioned that it was not her best and that it contained no pepper, since she makes it that way for another family member. The gravy captured my attention. After a bit of deliberation, I decide to try it, tipping a little onto my plate. (I should probably mention that my food aversions are so strong that I’m usually not even offered the things I don’t like, which does not offend me in the slightest.) Oh. My. Goodness. What I ate was so positively delicious that I promptly poured some more on both my turkey and potatoes. Not drowning them, but giving them a little dressing up.
If that gravy was what my friend considered to be sub-par, then I can’t imagine how yummy her on-par gravy is.
In the spirit of branching out, I’m stepping sideways in my writing and tackling a science fiction short story. It’s about a woman who develops anti-aging products for a skincare company and accidentally creates a zombie, and now must figure out a way to stop the zombies by way of help from her dreamy lab partner and a stolen (borrowed) personal time-travel device. It’s meant to be as goofy as it sounds, which I think is why I’m having so much fun writing it. Hopefully I can translate that humor to the page and off into a reader’s mind.
I’ve concentrated on fantasy for so long that it’s challenging to get into the mindset of not just another genre, but a different tone and tense of writing.
Challenging, but unexpectedly good.


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