That’s What I Call Progress

Sherri, my editor, sent her edits on my recently revised chapters 14 & 15 this week. Original chapter 14: 161 edits. Revised chapter 14: 129. Only 27 for ch. 13, and 66 for ch. 15, so maybe chapter 14 is my kryptonite. 🙂  I’m thankful that, oh, 85-90% of my issues now are all comma related.

I have a friend reading the novel for its entertainment value. She’s not a fantasy reader, or much into that genre elsewhere, but she’s enjoying it, which I take as a great sign. I’ve given her the first nine chapters, and this weekend she is getting chapters 10-15. I am not touching those chapters anymore. It’s a relief to get to a point in editing where one is satisfied. I also stopped driving myself insane, as when fixing something, I’d see something else, and another issue, and another, etc., and stop to fix it, thereby getting sidetracked from the original goal. Sure, there are some issues a simple search-and-replace will fix, but other than that, it’s a huge time waster. One chapter at a time, and if I change something that will need to be referenced later, I make a note of it, and continue with what I’m doing. (At least, I try super hard to do that)

This past week, I dug out a set of wind chimes for the porch. I did not pack it carefully when we moved, so the entire thing was one knotted mess. And this set not only had the chimes, but bonus strings with wooden accent pieces. Working out the kinks in the editing process is like unravelling that knot. All the elements are there, but jumbled. Once the whole thing is sorted out, it’s the same, but better.

My husband thought I’d never get the wind chimes untangled. I told him undoing huge knots is all about taking one string at a time. Pick one, follow it, get it straight, and then move to the next one. And it always makes me thing of algebra, in that if I had the beginning equation and the answer, I could work it backwards to fill in the middle bits. (My mind has always made strange associations) Thank goodness I like untangling knots.


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