Spring in Old Louisville

This is how many of the streets in Old Louisville look during springtime. Bradford Pears and Dogwoods blooming in front of 100+ year-old houses. There are Magnolia trees along the street where my parents live, and the flowers smell heavenly. Spring and fall are my favorite times of the year. I’m not much for winter. Even though I love snow, I hate driving in it and I hate the cold. March, for me, brings the clock-change forward, more sun, more green outside, and trees that bud and bloom. When you drive down a tree-canopied street, it’s almost magical. Tiny white petals swirl down from above, and over the pavement.

Spring is a time to treasure for those who love the outdoors, and trees. 🙂 Too soon the millions of white blooms will give way to green leaves, and even though the view is still beautiful, it’s not quite the same.


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