This Is My Soapbox. (My one and only)

I am so sick of hearing everyone complain about Chick-fil-A. Wait, let me rephrase. I am so sick of hearing everyone say they are sick of everyone complaining about Chick-fil-A. Yep, that’s better.

Here is the important thing about opinions: everyone has them, everyone is entitled to them, and most important, you can’t taste, touch, smell, or see an opinion. And here’s the distinction. The huge deal with Chick-fil-A, in my not-humble opinion, is about money. Money, last time I checked, is tactile. You can definitely see it, touch it, taste it, smell it, and, oh hey!, hear it rustle in your fingertips. Dan Cathy, the President and COO of this restaurant has certain opinions about marriage and who should participate. That’s fine. He can think whatever he wants, as can I. But, for me, the issue is not what’s in his mind, but in his wallet. Rather, his company’s wallet.

It might surprise some people to learn that I have not eaten in Chick-fil-A in YEARS. The #1 reason is their chicken. (Side tangent: as a person who hasn’t eaten red meat in over two decades, and eats super crunchy bacon only a half-dozen times a year, I eat a fair amount of chicken. I might be a chicken connoisseur. They don’t have good chicken. I’m sorry, but they really don’t. I’m not sure what the rest of you are tasting, but it’s not delicious.) The #2 reason I don’t give Chick-fil-A my money is their sponsorship of anti-gay/lesbian events. This restaurant, while not a publicly owned company, provides a public service. If one is in the business of serving food to the masses, they should be non-discriminatory. But should Chick-fil-A be able to donate money to whatever organization they want? Sure! Absolutely! They can and do have that right. But why should I contribute to a corporation that will use part of its profits to support causes I think are wrong?

The next time someone tells me/posts on Facebook how they are all for marriage equality, but we should leave poor Dan Cathy and his restaurant chain alone, and blah, blah, blah, I might throw up. I read a comment recently on some site from some random guy going off on all the people who were upset about Chick-fil-A and threw out: Are you going to stop buying products from all the other companies who contribute money to similar causes? My first thought was sure, okay. People like to talk a good game about being responsible, whether about the environment, government, social issues, etc.. I’d say 95% of the people I know don’t do shit about what they say. I used to get the waffle fries at Chick-fil-A; it was the only thing I liked there. Several years back about I read about some of their sponsorship and stopped eating said fries.

The other thing that drives me nuts are the animal lovers. So many people post crap all day long on Facebook about animals, animal cruelty, puppy mills, what have you. How many of you make an effort to ensure the beauty products you buy are animal friendly? I’m going to guess not that many of the people on my friend’s list who populate my news feed. My TRESemme shampoo/conditioner that I use daily states no animal testing on the back. My toner, eye cream, bath salts, mud mask, and a couple of others list the same. Do I make an effort to buy products from companies that I think are responsible in their productions? Yes. Is it 100%? No, but I try. I like furry little cats and dogs and bunnies and all the like, and I don’t want my vanity crap tested on them.

So to wrap up my soapboxing, I think everyone who is so upset about social issues should do something about it. What if every single person who said they were for marriage equality actually stopped using products from companies who used their profits to fund anti-equality groups? I’m not saying we have to take down all the corporations or flood the streets and start riots. For the record, I like peaceful protests. Change one thing. Recycle only your soda cans if you want, or trade your shampoo for a different one. Corporations are free to spend their money wherever, and I’m free to not spend mine.



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