It’s Not Worth It.

I own one of those soft coolers – the ones that carry a few cans of coke, or keep your food cold. I don’t really like to take my lunch in it. Yesterday, as I was reaching for a plastic bag to pack my food in, I thought how nice it would be to have a good old-fashioned lunchbox. My pal Stacey in Lexington has a Twilight lunchbox, (yeah, I know, Twilight) so I figured why couldn’t I have a lunchbox? And then remembered – we do own one.

The lunchbox has never been used. It sits behind the glass doors of a bookcase, showcased on the fourth of five shelves along with a bunch of other memorabilia from The Simpsons. My husband has a slight love of The Simpsons. I have often joked about using said container, but as he always gives me a ‘Don’t you dare’ speech I never have.

Until yesterday morning.

It’s a nifty lunchbox, with a thermos and a metal bar that holds it in place inside. I headed into the spare room, opened the glass doors, retrieved the tin box and proceeded into the kitchen where I packed my lunch in it.

For a few years, I got my husband Simpsons stuff for birthdays or Christmas. I could not go wrong with anything Duff or Homer-ish in nature. The more I started thinking about all the items he has, some of which came from Australia, the more I started to rethink my plan. I could feel the disproving eyes of my husband. If there is such a thing as being a natural-born klutz, I am living proof. Sitting and staring at the thing, I thought how it might be worth some money one day. And how if I used it, it might not be.

My food went back into plastic bag and the lunchbox is safely ensconced behind doors.





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