Down for the … Ooh, shinies! … count.

I’ve never been one for keeping track of my word count as I write, in spite of what the rest of the entire writing universe does. I suppose I should start. I usually focus on how many more pages I got down, or set my goal of finishing one chapter and starting another. Supposing aside, I’m fairly certain I’m not going to start counting up. Instead, I’ve been inspired to count down.

Ask someone how long a novel is *supposed* to be and you’ll get a variety of answers. The best one I found was: As many words as it takes. Sure, after the initial thing is finished, there is a lot of chopping to be done in rewrites and editing. Changing a few sentences to entire scenes or chapters can make a huge difference, not only in word count, but in what the story has to say. I know from where my book stood when I first reached The End, I have gotten rid of a lot of unnecessary crap. I still have more, but I’m slow at these things, if everyone hasn’t figured that out yet.

At this moment, I am breaking my plans to finish editing Chapter 25 of my first novel. It has been a morning of distractions. Laundry, a run for Krispy Kreme (a husband who voluntarily feeds his wife K.K. doughnut holes while she’s driving – that’s Love!) and said husband watching something on Netflix that interests me have all pulled me away from work. Not to mention I have actual paying-job work in a few hours. When I got up this morning, I even reset the time of the alarm to have quiet editing time before Tim got up. I might have fiddled around with my iPhone, and did some organizing of my photos on my laptop.

I suspect the real reason I am making zero progress on the last few pages of Chapter 25 is because I am editing an interaction between two characters who have not seen each other in years, and it’s not that pleasant. It shouldn’t be. I need to make it more unpleasant than its original state. Ugh, I say. I see paper and pen in my near future. And, yeah, one of those numbers up there is my first novel’s word count.

My last distraction for the day is thinking of holiday candy. If you are anything like my husband and I, you might notice the change in seasons by the arrival of holiday packaged treats. (It helps that I work in retail) Reese’s pumpkins, christmas trees, hearts or eggs anyone? I like the spring for those little foil-wrapped unhatched chickens. Oh, yeah, Cadbury Eggs. Last week, I noticed a new product in the stockroom at work, and gasp! Apparently, I wasn’t the only one, and will have to fight two other people for these bits of heavenly goodness.



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