Lesson Learned – Read The Notes

I play World of Warcraft. Not near as much as I used to, but I login from time to time. Several months ago, I took my beloved main character and transferred her to another realm, and did a faction change – Alliance to Horde. At the time, everything a character had in their possession transferred with them. A few days ago, I took my warlock back to the Alliance side of Warcraft. In between, in some patch update to the game, Blizzard restructured the way mounts/pets/achievements are done. Used to be if you gained an achievement, or bought a new pet or mount, it was exclusive to That Character. Not so much anymore. Not at all anymore, as a matter of fact. When a character gains any of these three things, all you have to do is login to any other character on that realm and s/he gains the item. Not a huge deal to some of us, especially if you are one of the people who don’t care about the achievement system in WoW. I’m sure for the people who rotate logging in on all of their characters during world holiday events, it’s a load of work off their digital fantasy-world plates.

I really care about my mounts. I’ve blogged a bit about them before. WoW is one of those games that has a lot to offer, in terms of the amount of stuff to do and focus on. I’m never going to be a hardcore player or raider. I’ll never have the absolute best gear or do the most DPS (damage per second, for all you non-gamers out there). But there are things I enjoy doing. I like upping my reputation with different factions. I like doing dailies and earning a crap ton of in-game gold so I can buy vanity shit like mounts.

Before I transferred my toon, I had 105 different creatures to ride around on. 105 exactly. When my transfer went through and I was once again a pretty human instead of an undead, I logged on, took about 40 minutes to re-assign my talent points (new expansion always means new crap to figure out) and checked my mount/pet log. Imagine my extreme shock when I saw the number 41 at the top of the list.

Some perusing of the forums and a link to Blizzard’s support site gained me the knowledge from 3 paragraphs above. Okay, so that explained why my blood elf pally had 105 mounts when I logged her on, but oh wait, faction specific mounts now stay with that faction. Holy moly. This meant that more than half of the mounts I slaved for were specific to one side. Originally Alliance but now they’re with the freakin Horde characters I have. I calmed down and then noticed something else that made my blood pressure rise again. I was missing one thing in particular that I cared about more than the others. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Mekgineer’s Chopper.

My second pride and joy.

This is the Alliance version of this mount. There is a Horde version – the Meckano-Hog or something. To ride this puppy, you just need to buy it. Which costs a fortune if you can find one for sale. You could gather all the materials (mats) and have someone make it. Or, you could drop one of your professions, like mining (which I did) and take up engineering (which I did) and spend MONTHS getting enough gold and supplies to make the damn thing. Some mounts are specific to a profession. I’m a warlock, so I’m a Tailor. There are flying carpets which Tailors can use to fly around on. Not a tailor? Boo-hoo for you. Engineers can make 3 mounts, one of which is an awesome little helicopter. But the chopper is the only one that anyone, engineer or no, can ride. And I was missing mine.

I’ve had good experience with Blizzard’s customer support, so I opened a ticket on Saturday explaining my missing chopper, making sure to put that while I get the new rules and can handle having to re-buy most of the mounts I lost, I did not buy that one, I made it. The only reason I ever took up engineering was in my pursuit of the 100-mount achievement. The Warlock class gets 2 for themselves, tailoring has 3. I did the dumb thing of dropping my mining, which was what paid half the bills, for engineering in order to get 3 more mounts. In trying to get something, having 8 of something others don’t have is an advantage I like having.

Thankfully, two days later I got a response. Having made an exception – totally the customer service rep’s words – she procured me a Mekgineer’s Chopper Key from out of the swirling nether and mailed it to me in-game, along with a web link to their faction transfer policy. I have learned that it will pay to read the patch notes when my game updates or to read them before the patch hits, even if I’m not playing as much as I used to. The fine print is always where the information you need resides. Tomorrow, the new expansion comes out. I’m still undecided as to if I’m going to buy it. My husband is my levelling buddy, and he hasn’t committed yet. I don’t like to Level without my buddy, mostly because I hate levelling and his main is a hunter, so with his pet and my warlock’s minion, that’s 4 things fighting. Makes mowing through digital enemies fun.

The Albino Drake. The prize for the 50-mount achievement and my first riding pride & joy.


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