Quote Day #8

To alleviate some of the depressingness of my last post, here’s something a bit more lighthearted. The exchange took place today while I was in a grumpy mood and that stupid pillow pet dream lites commercial came on. (Oooo, that song is annoying.) 

Me: Not every kid is afraid of the dark. You’re just making a wimpy kid.

Tim: It’s just a nightlight.

Me: I never had a nightlight! And I was terrified!

Tim: Aaaand there it is.

Me laughing: The root of the problem?

Tim: Yep.


2 responses to “Quote Day #8

  • Nancy

    Jess, me again. I slept in your old room and it was a scary experience (actually, I didn’t sleep). I definitely felt a presence there. Were you ever aware of something like that….or was it just me? Of course, I was also sensing that something terrible was wrong back home, and it was. My cat, Cozy….who looked like a twin of Lexus was expiring from a sudden urinary blockage, which Ray never even noticed. Got him to the Vet in the nick of time. Animal memories~~~~~~~and night lights?

    • Jessica Paul

      You’re talking about mom & dad’s ghost. I did see her once and it completely freaked me out, lol. I never felt anything ominous from her though, so maybe she just didn’t like someone else in my old room? I’ll tell her to be nice to you if you ever come back.
      And I love Cozy! He’s the with the chipmunk cheeks right? Such a sweetie.

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