House Challenged or How to Re-Light a Gas Furnace Pilot Light in 8 Easy Steps.

For those of us who are used to apartment dwelling, here’s a short how-to on house maintenance.

Step 1: Determine the heat will not come on and text as much to your husband.

Step 2: Be mildly offended when he texts back to turn the dial further, as you’ve already figured out that much.

Step 3: Look up lighting a pilot light on

Step 4: Retrieve a matchbook from the mysterious and intriguingly huge collection of matchbooks found in your grandmother’s pantry.

Step 5: Put on How the Grinch Stole Christmas house-shoes, collect smartphone and matchbox, open basement door with skeleton key and head downstairs.

Step 6: Grab flashlight in the basement and approach furnace.

Step 7: See any panel that *might* open to reveal the pilot light is covered with lots and lots of spiderwebs, and declare this Mission Impossible.

Step 8: Head back upstairs, get a blanket and leave it for when the husband returns home.



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