Good Things Come in Tiny Packages

We got a kitten. It wasn’t something we were looking to do, even though I made my husband go look at the shelter animals every time we went to Petsmart over the last few months. It sort of just happened. A former co-worker of his from WV sent him a message one evening, which led to adorable kitten pictures and an offer for us to take this tiny furball she was fostering. We decided what the heck.

Not having had kittens for thirteen years, we’ve forgotten how rambunctious they are. Hyper adult cat is a lot different from hyper 4-month cat. Sure, everyone knows this, we even know this, but somehow time erases exactly how different.

Now we have kitten standing at the window, batting at the blind pulls. Kitten creeping behind our grumpy 13-yr old Isis, in an attempt to eat from the bowl that isn’t hers. Kitten chasing whatever she can bat around, and, oh yeah, we adopted her in the middle of her teething months.

However much an adjustment this is, it’s completely worth it. From the first night we brought her home, our new kitty was eager to explore the house. She’s extremely affectionate, and loves nothing more than to climb up my back, (oooh, tiny claws) and sit upon my shoulder, like a parrot. If I stand next to my husband, she’ll walk back and forth across our shoulders, alternating which one of us to hang out with. If she sleeps with Tim, she either curls up on his lap or above his shoulder. Sleeping with me means she MUST be right at my throat. She insists on laying right below my chin, and while it may be uncomfortable, thank goodness I’m a side sleeper and she’s damn cute. If I’m sitting, she wants to nap on the top of my chest, also with her head below my chin. Seriously adorable.

Lately, life has been consisting of work, work, more work, and house renovations, so it’s been a nice distraction having a pouncing, stuffed mouse playing, finger nibbling bundle of energy around. Our older cat would disagree, but she’s slowly adjusting. 😀

Karly the Kitten! The people at the shelter thought she was a boy. Turns out you can't neuter a girl, so we added a girly 'y' to Karl's name.

Karly the Kitten! Originally named Karl, because the people at the shelter she was rescued from thought she was a boy. (Turns out, you can’t neuter a girl.) Once we found out we were getting a girl, we added the girly ‘Y’ to the name. I like to call her Karly Simon Garfunkel.


2 responses to “Good Things Come in Tiny Packages

  • Nancy Grigsby

    Lucky you. Nothing like a kitten or a puppy to liven up a household. Enjoy. ANW

    PS Give my love to your mom, too.

    • Jessica Paul

      Karly has certainly added some liveliness and humor to the household. She hasn’t mastered playing on the edge of the bed. Falls off, jumps right back up, slips off again. It’s pretty cute. 😀

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