A Good Day.

The weather in KY today, at least in my neck of the woods, was gorgeous! Cool, breezy, and sunny with fluffy clouds. I got zero writing done of any kind today. I spent the first part of the day off catching up on my sleep, then a late lunch with the family to celebrate Mother’s Day, and yard work afterwards.

We have two Azalea bushes: the old lady out front and a wild child in the backyard. The fuchsia one is at least 30 years old, as an estimate. I can remember it from the time I was a child, and I’m over 30. I’m not sure about the lavender one, though. That one is a bit sickly looking, with some sort of green-grey fungus-y growth on it. We weren’t sure it would bloom, as even the buds appeared sick. But, it’s got some new growth coming up from the bottom, through the middle, and a couple of days ago, it started blooming.

So here’s a few shots of our lovely Azaleas, in honor of my grandmother, and the first Mother’s Day without her. I like to think she would be happy with the work we’ve done since we bought her house.

Fuchsia Azalea

Looks pink in the afternoon sun, but it's a pale lavender.

Looks pink in the afternoon sun, but it’s a pale lavender.

Bonus points if you can spot the Bumblebee. :)

Bonus points if you can spot the Bumblebee. 🙂


One response to “A Good Day.

  • Nancy Grigsby

    Lovely flowers for Mother’s and Grandmother’s Day. How wonderful that the house has passed down intact, and still in the family. I know it will thrive under your and Tim’s care. N. PS I’m enjoying your writing, thanks for sharing. Please give your Mom a hug for me when you next see her.

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