Sometimes You Eat The Bear …

… sometimes the bear eats you.

It’s been the bear eating us at work for the last couple of weeks, and especially so for me and one of my co-managers. In the spirit of my working eleven hours today (not my scheduled shift), here’s an exchange I had with my husband via text. And while eleven hours of work is normal for some, and maybe not bad at some jobs, for retail it’s a nightmare. :))

My weird request of the day is having a lady come into the drugstore where I work and ask for Oregano Oil. In case anyone wonders, national chain drugstores aren’t specialty food markets.

Me: We need to setup the Xbox.
I just realized one of the reasons I miss playing WoW (World of Warcraft) is because I got to go home and kill shit.

Tim: Ok. I’ll set it up. Is it a kill shit kind of day?

Me: It’s an eviscerate shit from the face of the universe kind of day.


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