Story A Day May #13

Flaaaaaaaaash Fiction. Can we guess it’s short today? I’m still happy with it, and today’s inspiration is brought to me by our dinning room artwork. 🙂 We have a collection (prints, obviously, as we wish we were rich enough to collect art!) of those vintage European spirits ads. Enjoy!

May 13, 2015

The lady in the green dress came by again, I told him.

That’s okay, he told me back, she’s just offering you something tasty.

But what about that cat? He’s got mustard-yellow eyes, and long whiskers. Longest I ever seen. He sits in front of that red disc, a halo of cryptic symbols. Black claws poking out just enough to curl around his perch.

He laughed. He tucked his walking stick under his right arm, grabbed the glass of beer so large he needed both hands, and issued me a wicked grin. At least he’s not that pointy green devil, he said before taking a lick of froth. His aperitif is bitter.

At least, I echoed. But is there nothing to save me?

The woman in white will save you. She used to be a swan.


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