Story (Anecdote??) A Day May #15

Tomorrow, I will have an actual story. Promise, precious. Today, I’ve got an amusing list:

Things Talulah Brings Into The Living Room

I swear, no depth of counter space is enough for this leggy girl. Once, I walked out of the kitchen through the dining room, and had to do one of those double takes as our dog was standing atop the buffet. I don’t know how she got up there, and she made Zero noise doing it, nor did she knock over any photos or the vase of flowers. What a clown dog. Anyways, many of these things are seen as she is trotting by us while we are sitting on the couch, items hanging from her mouth while she gives the most casual look possible. (I promise, we aren’t trying to kill our dog). I generally only took pictures when it wasn’t life threatening. 🙂

A large, serrated bread knife, carried by the handle.

A gallon Arizona tea container.


A roll of potty pickup bags

An empty 24-case pack of Dr. Pepper cardboard

Her 3-legged brother, dragging him across the floor by his collar

Various pieces of tupperware, dishtowels, and pot holders


My new book of checks that I insanely left sitting on the edge of the counter right after I opened them

The ‘wipe our feet’ mat from the back porch

Photo May 15, 7 35 47 PM Photo May 15, 7 35 55 PM Photo May 15, 7 36 01 PM Photo May 15, 7 36 09 PM


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