Story A Day May #17

Not really sure about this one today. Inspired by a little bit of spontaneous/obsessive cleaning in the office at my work. I s’pose it is more poem-y, free-form than a story. Who cares, right? Maybe someone, but I’m cool with it.


May 17, 2015

I found two more. We had three, but I found two more hiding in the trashy junk stuffed in the desk organizer.

Pink, Purple, Red, Teal, and Blue. Five gel pens, all together now. Multi-colored click tops peeking out from the first section of the organizer.

Scissors in the back. Tall. Red and black handle complimenting its black plastic home.

Highlighters next. Lime Green and Fluorescent Orange. Neon Pink … two Neon Pink. One big. One small. Left side suits it best, I think, in a close-knit family unit of blinding color.

And treasure for me. Dug out among the heaping pile of old and crumbling rubber bands, crusty paper clips, tiny screwdrivers, a half dozen mechanical pencils, random keys forgotten for years, a handful of tarnished pennies, and the bits of detritus that collect in the bottom of things–three shiny coins for the taking. 



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