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Wait like the rest of us.

There are two things that irk me to no end. I know they are my stupid issue, but oh my goodness. The first of these are people who do not take their Traffic Right-Of-Way! Like when you pull up to a stop sign and the other person is clearly the next to go, and they sit there, no matter how much you wave them on. I’m not an aggressive driver. The term ‘drives like a grandma’ could be applied to me at times. If I’m in a rush, I’ll drive like it, though not to the extent of running people off the road, or cutting them off. Turning right, stop signs, or driving in a straight line, I just can’t stand it when people do not begin to drive when they are supposed to. Just Goooooooo. I wish it didn’t bother me, but it does.

The second type of people who bug me are Line Jumpers. Ooooo, I hate these people. Case in point: One of the perks of being a manager in retail is certain times when you actual get to/like to piss someone off. I hopped on a register at work last week, because the cashier had a line of 5 people. (I work in a small store. We only have 6 registers in the whole place.) I said, “I can take the next person in line.” accentuating the next, because I always do that. This girl at the back of the line hops over, says, “I need Newports in a box.”

No shit, I replied, “That’s nice and I’m still going to take the next person.”

She was soooo mad. She got back in line, and hopped in front of the woman before her. For some reason that lady let her go ahead. I rang up one guy, and then said I could take the elderly woman who was Actually the second person in line. Cigarette girl hops back over, saying the elderly woman is with the people checking out, and tells me what she wants. I say okay, ask if she has her ID, just because, and she says Yes in the nastiest tone. The best part is the elderly woman has now taken notice, and as she is not with the people checking out, comes over to me. I abandon my travels to the cigarettes and check out this nice lady, explained why I didn’t have what she wanted, and told her I would order what she needed.

Cigarette girl finally got her smokes from the other cashier, leaving in a foul mood.

I really do hate line jumpers. We all to wait in line. I DO NOT care if all you are running in for is a pack of smokes. Great. If you are in such a hurry, go to a darn gas station, not a store. And as for those people who use the “I’m in a hurry excuse” there is no sympathy from any retail worker for you. Telling me that you have to be at your daughter’s school to pick her up in ten minutes and don’t have time for the photo kiosk to load the 972 pictures you have saved on your memory card will never be my problem. My only thought is why the heck would you run errands when you don’t have the time to spare for them???

No one likes to wait in a line. I mean, really, does anyone in the whole universe like waiting in a line?? NO! If there are other planets somewhere with life on them, they are waiting in line too, at the alien equivalent of some retail store. Like red lights, we all have to endure. Have a little patience and know that the people waiting on you want you to leave as quickly as possible.


I used my Sims 2 people to illustrate this point. Really, it was an excuse to play my Sims 2 game, but hey, people give all kinds of excuses.




Not What I Ordered

– noun
sliced bread that has been browned by dry heat.

– verb (used with object)
to brown, as bread or cheese, by exposure to heat.

We should all take notice of the word ‘brown’ in those definitions.

This morning, I was early for work so I went to Tim Hortons for the first time. It’s WV’s answer to a coffee shop. There are only two Starbucks in/around Charleston: 1 in the hospital and 1 in the mall. Not convenient for early mornings. And the only Panera isn’t very close to me either.
At Tim Hortons, I ordered a toasted everything bagel with cream cheese (b/c they had no sesame seed bagels) and a chocolate glazed doughnut.
Herein lies my issue. Panera decently toasts their bagels, not quite as much as I love, but pretty darn close. My bagel this morning wasn’t toasted. Wasn’t even warm. Yes, the cream cheese was cold, but so was the bread. It’s my understanding toasted items are hot and noticeably browner.

I’m not sure when restaurants in this part of the country stopped actually toasting things. Warmed does not equal toasted. I’m sorry, but it really doesn’t. I can’t speak for other areas, but it is the same in KY. Half the time if you order a grilled cheese, it arrives as the lightest shade of brown that could be called that, which really means it’s two butter-soaked pieces of bread with almost melted cheese. Uuurgh.

My doughnut this morning also turned out to be not what I ordered. The whole thing only cost $3.07, so I guess I can’t be too surprised.

People may knock places like Starbucks and Panera, but I never have a bad experience at those establishments. Never.
Maybe that’s why some of us are willing to pay a bit extra.

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