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Take two.

Today, we buried our beloved turtle. She was rescued from the middle of Nicholasville Road during rush-hour traffic, in Lexington. It amazes me that a tiny turtle made it into that street, let alone any distance across it.
Little known fact, Myrtle was her nickname. The Great A’Tuin was her formal name. Some of you might recognize this fromTerry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. 🙂 I dare you to prove to me that she didn’t have a universe on the back of her shell. Although, now that I think about that, if Mytle did carry a micro-universe, what happened to it when she died?
Next month would have marked nine years that we had her. I know turtles aren’t cuddly like cats and dogs, but she was part of our little family and we’ll miss her.


We have …

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