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Tim’s Tales

Tim: (Gets in the car with his new HD Aviators) How do these look?

Me: (Doubles over steering wheel, laughing.) You look like a retired mobster living in Florida. But, you know, the kind with health problems so they can’t really do anything anymore.


Doing the dishes after breakfast:

Me: Oh, I see, you’re just going to wash the dishes we used this morning.

Tim: Yeah. I’m not washing that other sh*t.

Me: You are …

Tim: I know. I’m amazing.

Me: That’s not the word I was going to use.



 Me: How much spaghetti are you getting?

Tim: I’m not. I got spaghetti, thin spaghetti, vermicelli and fettuccine.

Me: We’re good. We’re done here.


My life with Tim is never dull. 🙂


Marriage: Entertaining the masses since the dawn of time.

Tim: Okay, go ahead and get the peanuts while we are here.

(woman in the grocery aisle looks at us)

Me: Okay. I’m getting the unsalted because with the soy sauce, it’s just too much salt.

(woman chuckles)

Tim: (Makes annoyed sound) So you say.

Me: So I know.

(Woman laughs)

Thanks folks. We’ll be here all hour and remember to tip your baggers.


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