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Story A Day May #18

Confession, I really felt like doing anything else than writing, at all points of this day. However, in the spirit of the challenge, and challenging myself, I knew I’d feel worse for not posting a tale, and like I’d let everyone who has been kindly stopping by down. I apparently also needed some extra sleep, since I did not get out of bed until noon, on my first day of having two off days in a row from my job. I also didn’t leave work until 12:20am and got to bed at 2am, with a house full of animals morning feeding in between sleeping for eight hours, so that might have had a little effect on sleeping late. So without further procrastination, enjoy today’s entry!

May 18, 2015

The sound beyond the silence, she was once told in her lessons. If you wait long enough, concentrate long enough, push past the barrier, then you will hear. It won’t be quiet anymore.

Too many times she had come to the circle of trees. So many that she’d lost count. The first time she failed to hear the spirits, she felt the hopefulness of the recently initiated. After a dozen times, she began to feel dismayed yet kept coming. There were times she cried. Times she raged. How could she be worthy of such a gift? The ancient spirits were cruel, or laughing. Both.

She’d never be good enough. Never be blessed enough. But still she came. Each day, an hour before sunrise. When the world was painted in that strange bluish tone, and the nocturnal creatures were preparing for sleep, and the diurnal ones were preparing for the day.

She stood among the trees, eyes closed, on what she didn’t know was her ninety-ninth morning. She felt worried on the walk here but the moment she broke the circle, it melted away like snow on the coming of spring warmth. Something felt different inside, so she waited.



The moment she felt peace with not hearing the spirits became the moment the world stopped. Silence like she never experienced. She couldn’t even hear her own breathing.

She heard the whispers.


Lifting The Spirits

So, the husband and I both worked first shift today, and we both have tomorrow off. A rare occurrence nowadays. We decided to make a trip to the great state of Kentucky, to visit friends on our day off. I had the brilliant idea of heading out after work, and spend the night in Lexington to have extra time. Fan-freakin-tastic!

While we did not go ‘home-home’ for Christmas, we did come to Lexington, and spent the day with the kind of friends that are basically family. And I must say that one day trip, and this one, has done wonders for my spirits.

I think the roughest part of being in WV is not being with our friends. Sure, we’ve gotten to know some co-workers, and have ventured out a few places, but there is nothing like hanging out with the people closest to you. Right now I am settled on our friend’s couch, watching Palladia, laughing, having a drink or two, and all of us are relaxed and cheery.

Seeing people we know and love is a boost to the soul, and even though our nearest friends are 2.5 hours away, and our family is 4, the drive is always worth it.

Tomorrow I plan on stopping by my old work location, which will result in another insane boost to my mood. I do miss my old store, and my co-workers there. I worked in the same store for 7 years. You should see me trying to open my locker at the store in WV. The reflex of having the same locker combination for years has not worn off. I now stand and curse at my locker.

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